Dallas Generation X Mourns as iHeartMedia Murders The Edge

I’m going to try to keep my comments brief but I’m very upset here.

They took away The Edge.

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They took away The Edge and replaced it with Christmas Carols and I could not be more up in my feelings. In fact I’ve been up most of the night brooding about it.

And here’s the thing, I understand that in life, things change. I can deal with that.

But not only did they give us no warning, but they also signed off by throwing on a Semisonic record and playing “Closing Time” on repeat for 24 hours straight.


What would Kurt say if he were still with us today? Did y’all even consider Kurt when making this decision?




This is not to say that Semisonic isn’t a great band… they are.

This is also not to say that “Closing Time” isn’t a great record. It is.

The thing is that ANY self respecting GenXer knows that the only appropriate song suitable to mark this somber occasion is REM’s “Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”

Literally ask anyone that graduated between 92 and 97. A horrifying mistake has occurred.

Waiting in line for hours, in front of Sears at Red Bird Mall to get Edgefest 95 Tickets.
Me and my friends waiting in line for hours, in front of Sears at Red Bird Mall to get Edgefest 95 Tickets.


Don’t we (the fans) deserve a tad more? Like for instance… a heads up woulda been cool.

It’s like that scene in Friends Season 9 episode 17 “The One With The Memorial Service” where Phoebe and Mike have to break up because they know they want different things out of life.

They are trying be brave and stay away from each other but Mikes feelings are just too strong. He escapes the watchful eye of his best friend and love guardian, Manny, rushes to Phoebe’s apartment and gives this amazing speech…






















This is exactly how we are feeling right now. Had we known this was coming, we would’ve planned a memorial. We would’ve sent ourselves flowers and chocolate. We would’ve commemorated the occasion in some way. A bonfire perhaps?

How about spend the last few days playing Ten, Nevermind, Dirt and Siamese Dream back to back to back?

I’m just saying the whole “Closing Time” debacle should’ve come down to a vote, it’s only fair.


I did read that Edgefest will still live on, as will the music, on… The Eagle.

Guys? Really?




The Edge was the -ANTI- The Eagle? Grunge VS Hair Bands. This is the way it’s always been. I mean… just cut our hearts out and lock em up in that Heart Shaped Box.


And the long term plan for our precious 102.1 station after the holidays? Are you ready?

Funny, nerdy, pop culture shirt from Radish Apparel.


Pop Music.

Madonna. Michael Jackson. Kelly Clarkson.




We want our classics. And we don’t want them interspersed with Motley Crue and Skid Row. IJS.

I suppose, if we’ve learned one thing from Billy Corgan, it is that “The world, is a vampire.” And on this day in Dallas Texas, the Vampire has sucked our very youth straight from our dusty boomboxes and CD players, up through the radio waves out into endless space.


Such a millennial move. Kurt Judges you.




Shout out to Chrissy Reed, Jennifer Heck, Alex Eeds, Allison Armstrong, Shana DuVarney, Lindsey Godfrey, Kyle Scribner and Stacy Davis. The ticket line gang. Thanks especially to Monica Ozymy for digging up these amazing pics that she shot 20 years ago.






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