About South Dallas Foodie

I have been a salesman since I was eighteen years old and Honey, I’ve sold EVERYTHING- cars, diamonds, clothes, advertising- you name it.

I’ve always been fairly successful and I love sales in general, but, living in the South Dallas suburbs, every job I’ve ever had has come with an excruciating, hour(s) long commute in Dallas traffic and a schedule that allowed for practically zero family time.

For years I’ve been missing precious hours with my family, running around a sales floor or sitting at a desk, staring at their photograph.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, a thyroid condition that causes your thyroid to produce way too much hormone. (Your thyroid controls just about every function of the body.)

In 2015 my health took a really bad turn. I had been working while sick for too long. I was forced to leave my job in Sales and Marketing.

My sweet family and my love of cooking for them are the things that help me through all this health nonsense.

Eventually I came to accept the fact that I may never be able to handle the physical demands of my previous career, therefore, I had to figure out a way to make a living for myself and a life for my family that jived with my disease.

First I thought I might just sell my recipes online, then I discovered the world of food blogging, combining my passion for food, restaurants, social media, photography and writing- I had found the calling that my entire sales career had been preparing me for.

(Life is funny aint it?)

I launched SouthDallasFoodie.com in February of 2016 which chronicles my adventures in “becoming” a food blogger. In this new career I can focus on repairing my health and I get to spend my days and nights and weekends at home with my husband Jonathan and our two little girls, Chloe and Haley.

While I suppose I’m not “technically” a professional Chef, I did have the privilege of being taught the fundamentals of cooking by three of the best Chefs that ever lived; my mother and her parents. They raised me on huge, southern style Thanksgiving dinners, stews, chili’s, fried chicken, chicken fried steak and country gravy. In my kitchen I create dishes that are simple and delicious. I like to take classic recipes and use simple substitutions to make them uniquely mine. And I kinda kick ass a cooking and baking.😎

I also love dining out. The Dallas restaurant scene has plenty to offer but Darlin’ NOTHING frustrates me more than spending 30+ dollars on an entrée that comes out with three, teeny, pretentious bites of weird ingredients that literally no one has ever heard of.

I look for the places in DFW that serve decent sized portions of delicious food, for a fair price. Don’t try to impress me with weird recipes and crazy plating- wow me with how DELICIOUS your food is.

When I endorse a brand that I love, (and I ONLY endorse brands that I personally love) I share it with my followers just like I would share it with my best friend because, honestly, my followers have also become my besties.

I also blog about television shows, events, books, clothing, documentaries that I enjoy and more.

Basically, if I’m into it- you’re gonna hear about it!