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I swear to you, I am always behind. Behind in laundry, behind in dishes, behind in bills, behind in TV shows, you name it, I shoulda had it done at least a week ago.

The chances of you ever getting breaking news from me are relatively slim, I should lay that out for you right now.

Funny, nerdy, pop culture shirts from Radish Apparel.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that I am almost a week late in posting my findings from Taste of Dallas. But this time it’s totally not my fault.

I’ve told you guys about my broken Macbook right? It has my season 8, disk 4 Friends DVD jammed in the DVD drive, a broken charging port that never makes contact with the charging cord and a huge crack right across the screen.

It sucks, I know, but it still worked for the most part when it came time to create the blog. 

Well it totally crapped out on me a month or two ago so I borrowed one of my brothers Asus laptops. Then last week…

…have you ever closed your laptop, forgetting that you had a pen resting on the keyboard? Yeah. It spiderwebs the screen when you do that.

Laptop #2: Toast

So, NOW, I have borrowed my beautiful mama’s Macbook (love you mom) and am back up and running until I eventually break it as well. It seems like that’s kinda my thing.

So now, FINALLY, I’m gonna fill you in on a few super cool things that I discovered at the 30th Annual Taste of Dallas and then I’m gonna take off so you can get back to the business of being awesome.

Lavender Soda by DRY Sparkling

South Dallas Foodie

When you have a hyperactive thyroid you tend to gravitate towards anything that promises a calming effect, therefore me and Lavender are pretty tight. 

I’ll be honest, when I spied the lavender soda I was intrigued but not too optimistic. Even to a lavender lover such as myself, the idea of it in a beverage seemed odd. (outside of hot tea)

It’s actually really, really good. If you’re into Pellegrino or Perrier you should really give it a shot. It’s delicious and you look like a damn boss drinking it.

 I can see this stuff mixing well in cocktails but here are a few other things I think we should do with it…

a.) Mix it with vanilla ice cream for a deliciously snooty, Lavender-Vanilla bridal shower beverage.

b.) Add to the kids Snoopy Snow Cone Machine for an a next level snow cone.

c.) Put it in a spray bottle for a bougie, summertime face mist.

They have quite a few flavors and luckily, you can get it at most Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger and Tom Thumb stores or you can get it online here.


Umm, did you know you can get Fletchers Corny Dogs YEAR ROUND??

South Dallas Foodie
YES I am eating this and NO it is not September, what is happening?!


When I go to the fair every year, I always have one piece of official business that I have to handle immediately upon arrival. Eating a Fletchers Corny Dog. In 2013 and 2014 I had to miss the fair because I wasn’t well enough to handle the heat and all the walking. These two years left a corny dog shaped hole in my heart like you would not believe. If only I had known that, as it turns out, you can get Fletchers Corny Dogs at almost all major sporting venues around DFW as well as special events year round at Fair Park.

How cool is that?

In fact, we could be enjoying one of these dawgies as early as today at the Fair Parks 80th Anniversary Celebration -OR- tomorrow, June 11th at Texas Motor Speedway where I hear they have the Firestone 600 going on. (I believe that’s a car race.)

You can also snag a dog at the DrPepper Arena and Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Cowboy Stadium in Arlington and more so we need to keep our eyes peeled for them next time we’re at an event.

I was a totally different person before I received this corny dog info. Hopefully you’re as happy as I am about this.

Waiting 335 days for a decent corny dog is just ridiculous. Especially in Texas.


Rooster McConaughey

South Dallas Foodie
What a guy.


Did you know that Matthew McConaughey is actually NOT the coolest of the Austin McConaughey’s?
I know right? It’s actually Rooster!
He made Jonathan and I feel so welcome, played with Haley a bit, hooked us up with a cold one, a T-Shirt and entertained us with some of his laid back, natural hilariousness.
South Dallas Foodie
This dude is awesome, we’re so happy to have met you bro.
Rooster stars in an awesome show called West Texas Investors Club on CNBC. Basically it’s like Shark Tank with a Texas twist.
Which leads me to another discovery that I’m stoked to tell you about…
Guns and Oil Brewing Co.
South Dallas Foodie

The West Texas Investors Club is considering partnering up with a brewery company called Guns & Oil so they were all out there together handing out free beer samples.

You know I’m only down to have a beer in summer when the weather is miserably hot and the beer is freezing cold.

The conditions were perfect on this day to try the Guns & Oil Black Lager. 

Now, I don’t speak beer, so I can’t tell you anything helpful about this beverage other than, it was yum. I was able to drink it and I actually enjoyed it.

That says a lot right there.

Also the cutie pies that own the company are Austin based and super friendly. We like them. We should buy their beer.

You can find a full list of stores and restaurants that offer Guns & Oil Beer here.


My Favorite Bite by Grill and Vine at The Westin Downtown Dallas

When I go to these foodie shin digs I’m always surprised by what ends up being my favorite bite because it’s never what I expect. 

Taste of Dallas was no exception. 

South Dallas Foodie
GRILLED GULF SHRIMP AND HOMESTEAD GRITS smoked ham, brazos gouda, chipotle

I tried a LOT of food at this event and the dish offered up by Grill and Vine in the Westin Hotel Downtown Dallas was my favorite dish by far. This would be a really easy dish to screw up, especially considering it was being served off site. Shrimp is very easily overdone and grits can be very easily underdone but Grill and Vine knocked it out of the park.

Good Lord, it was delish. Also, I scoped out their menu online and it’s really impressive. I cannot wait to think up an excuse to stay at Westin Downtown, specifically so I can get a whole plate of this shrimp and grits.

Also every staff member I met from Grill and Vine was super friendly, that goes a long way with me when I’m deciding where to spend my money.


Thanks Guys

Taste of Dallas is an annual event that highlights the best that Dallas has to offer from food, to lodging, to knick knacks, to event rentals, you name it, it’s all out there for the sampling.

If you missed it this year I highly recommend putting a plan together to go next year. They even have a HUGE area with tons of free activities, science experiments and bouncy castles for the kids to play in.

This was the first BIG event that I’ve been physically able to do in a long time. I honestly thought I was going to have to rent one of those little motorized scooters to get around but luckily I was able to see almost all of the exhibits with no assistance. Woo hoo!

I wanna give a big ol’ virtual hug to the folks at The Gentry Agency for hosting me and the Hubbs and Hales. (Coco was at a friends house)

You guys throw one hellova party, thanks again.

See ya next year for sure! 🙂



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  1. Ok so on the soda. Was it unsweetened then? Or would it be the stickiest body mist ever? We are huge club soda with lemon/lime fans around here, and I’d drink this pronto if it was unsweetened.

    And I of course want to look like a damn boss.

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