The Halal Guys Dallas- What You Need To Know

Tonight, the very cool people behind The Halal Guys Dallas hosted some of us foodie types at a media sneak peek shin dig. It’s time to get all geared up for their grand opening this Saturday and here’s what you need to know… 

The Halal Guys Dallas

5444 Lemmon Ave

Dallas, TX

Grand Opening Saturday July 23 @ 11am


Funny, nerdy, pop culture shirt from Radish Apparel.

Funny, nerdy, pop culture shirts from Radish Apparel.

Back in 1990 while I was a useless 12 year old only just learning to Vogue, two brilliant business partners went in halfsies on a hot dog cart business in New York City, NY.

Apparently these guys noticed rather quickly that there was a huge population of Muslim cab drivers in NYC that needed regular access to some good Halal food.

(It has been explained to me that Halal is to Islamic Law as Kosher is to Jewish dietary law.)

A rapid change was made and the hot dog carts became gyro carts, they became wildly successful and the rest as they say is history.

Now they’re in Dallas, that’s where we come in.

You really should go check them out.

I love when a restaurant does one thing so exceptionally, that it’s literally all they do. That business model takes guts, have you seen the Cheesecake Factory menu? Geeze.

Anyway, that’s the deal at Halal Guys for the most part. 

The menu says to us: "We're just gonna bring you something yummy, ok? Cool."
The menu says to us: “We’re just gonna bring you something that tastes good, ok? Cool.”

You get chicken or ya get gyros. They also have falafel but I’m not into that so I just got the chicken/gyro combo.

You can get it in a bowl, like, taco-salad style or you get it wrapped up in pita bread.

You get lettuce and you get tomato. You get this really flavorful rice and then you pick your sauce. 

Here are your sauce choices: hot and white. 

That’s it.

Simply delicious.

I can’t tell you about the hot sauce except that it’s hot. Every time I asked someone “Tell me about the hot sauce!” They said “It’s hot.”

Therefore, I’m out.

But the white sauce is really good. It’s right smack in between mayo and ranch. Not too plain, not too tangy, just really simple and yummy.

They also have french fries which I highly appreciate. Everywhere should have fries, always.


Dip em in the white sauce, trust me on this.

One thing about the grand opening on Saturday: You might wanna get there really early. I hear they have a name for the never ending line outside their NYC location: “The Never Ending Line.” 

They’re also going to have free swag for the first 500 people at the grand opening and giving out THG food for a month to 5 peeps in a drawing. A month of free food would be very cool.

Tag me in a pic if you go check them out!

Overall I’m super happy about The Halal Guys moving to town, it’s really nice to get a new “grab and go” place in the Dallas area that offers something other than burgers or tacos or chicken.

These Yankees and their delicious gyros should fit in quite nicely around here.



Did I eat for free? Yes.

Are my opinions my own? Yes.

Do I sell my soul for free food? No.



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